Interpreting in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: From “Big” Interpreting Data to Innovative Digital Solutions

Jun PAN, Hong Kong Baptist University

This presentation ventures into the intricate realm of language interpreting in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). By consolidating and augmenting several existing collections, the study constructs substantial datasets of interpreted speeches to decipher the shared strategies employed by interpreters. These strategies, which are utilised under the pressures of live interpreting and time constraints, shed light on the complex expertise of interpreters, offering valuable cross-disciplinary insights.

In particular, the significance of “big” interpreting data becomes evident when we consider its potential to inform the design of computer-assisted interpreting tools. The talk will incorporate a case study of user experience design of AI-powered tools for Cantonese-English simultaneous interpreting, demonstrating this potential.

The outcomes of the research have led to spinoffs, such as Enter-Link, an innovative, all-in-one digital solution for real-time language services. By integrating elements of AI, service-learning, and knowledge transfer, this digital platform aims to dismantle language barriers and democratise access to interpreting services.

The project demonstrates how data science can transform insights into impactful technological solutions, and exemplifies the power of merging linguistic skills with digital expertise to address real-world challenges and enhance linguistic accessibility.