Digital training for bilingual-subject teachers through learning pills in audiovisual environments

Ref. no. B1-2020_26

Teachers of bilingual subjects or non-linguistic subjects (NLS) know the difficulties they face to find adequate content and materials for their students. Even though there exist books to teach their NLS, sometimes they are not enough or they do not meet the expectations of teachers or students of bilingual subjects. It is, then, frequent the creation of genuine materials and content,as well as activities and tasks to cover those needs. On the other hand, although the design and elaboration of digital content are more and more common practices, most NLS teachers, above all from the class suspensión during the lockdown generated by the COVID-1, have noticed the lack of technological training.

In the Project CLIL-TECH we aim at offering technological training to NLS teachers through audiovisual environments, paying special attention to the influence of short videos as a form of learning pills, called in this project “audiovisual pills”. The main purpose of CLIL-TECH is to determine the efficacy of the audiovisual pilla about how to use tools, apps and digital resources as a complement for their NLS. The methodology followed will consist of recruiting NLS teachers of Primary and Secondary Education in the Regional Community of Andalusia, who will receive technological training for facilitating their bilingual teaching.