VIP proof of concept

Voice-text integrated system for InterPreters

Ref. no. E3/04/21

The VIP project aims at improving the quality of interpreters' performance and work conditions by taking advantage of current technological developments. The resulting system is fit to purpose, bringing to the current state of the art a novel technology that encompasses a set of essential tools that can benefit interpreters and their work environment before, during and after an interpreting assignment.

VIP technology is mature enough to meet both functional and non-functional requirements and to be considered as a functional system. However, given that the development of the system has taken place within the framework of a research project, it has not been focused on obtaining an industrial and marketable tool. For this reason, the objective of this proof of concept is to evaluate the system in terms of usability, effectiveness, security and robustness in order to establish clearly and precisely what changes and improvements the system needs to become a marketable product.