Research Network INTEC

Interpreting and New Technologies

Ref. no. D5-2021_03

The aim of the INTEC Thematic Network is to form a transversal and multidisciplinary research team to analyse and develop the current state of the art in computational linguistics techniques, natural language processing, speech technologies, corpus linguistics, etc., as well as in interpreting technologies. The purpose of this thematic network is to offer solutions to the needs and requirements of today's interpreters, to analyse and identify the future needs of the sector, as well as to fill the gaps still present in this discipline. This aim is divided into the following secondary objectives:

1 - to establish synergies between research groups from different centres in Europe in order to create an international and multidisciplinary research team.

2 - To bring together different lines of research related to linguistic technologies applied to interpreting in order to adapt them and create new ones that are more appropriate to the way interpreters work today.

3 - To study in greater depth the real needs of interpreters with the help of professionals and academic experts in the field.

4 - To study the extent to which current advances in corpus linguistics, computational linguistics and artificial intelligence can be applied to the development of technologies for interpreting.